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Need some time to unwind?

Forget your to-do list and go visual with!

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More fun

Bring back the fun into managing your life! is not just another to do list!  It is an interactive playfield that lets you create your own way of planning your future. You can resize, place, color and organize the boxes on to match your own vision of how to get things done.

And doesn't it just feel great accomplishing every task and beginning with a pristine, clean field again?

More control gives you the tools to be 100% in control of your tasks.

  • With just a click you can create projects or groups of tasks.
  • Tasks can hold tasks; double-click a box, and go inside that box. Complex projects are now broken down visually in sub-tasks very easily.
  • Need to relocate a task somewhere else? Just drag and drop it to the new location!

More insight

Each task is a box. Bigger boxes mean bigger tasks. Color code them for priority or easy identification.

In one glance you can now see the status of a project or see how tasks size up to each other!

In depth

Intuitive, real-time interface

The interface is intuitive and real-time and completely built with HTML5. Change something in the task list and the boxes update in real-time and vice versa. has a local database, so even when your connection drops, no data is lost and the data will automatically sync to the cloud as soon as the internet connection is recovered.

Powerful task manager

Underneath all this is a very sleek but fully featured task manager. You can create sub-tasks, due dates, color-code and add comments. Drag and drop tasks and move them to any other group without effort.

Mobile first is build with mobile in mind first, and fully optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android! So you can pinch view, drag and drop boxes, resize directly in the workspace on all your favorite devices! No waiting for mobile optimization - you can hit the ground running with

What are you waiting for? is ready for you! Take the next step and get today!

For years we have been trying to find the perfect to-do software. We tried many, many tools. They all turned out to either be too simple or too complex.

The one key thing all seem to miss: they just remained lists. None of the applications we tried catered to the visual mind. None showed how big a task was, and we could not see in a glance where we were with a project.

We decided to scratch our own itch and just build it ourselves.

Your Tasks. Visualized.